Sitemap - 2023 - CCG Update - Center for China and Globalization

Development Challenges facing Chinese Think Tanks: CCG book Global Think Tanks (2.0) excerpt

In Review: CCG's participation at Doha Forum in December

Think Tank Taxonomy: a three-pillar landscape of Chinese think tanks

At COP28, the next generation felt under-represented

Private sector's climate involvement is achieving "escape velocity", the speed needed to break free of a planet's gravity

Ma Jun, Founder of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), on COP28

Season's Greetings from CCG in Beijing

CCG Thought Corner: Key Takeaways from COP28 and the Way Forward

Part III: Dialogue of Pascal Lamy with Chinese experts at CCG

Part II: Dialogue of Pascal Lamy with Henry Huiyao Wang at CCG

Henry Huiyao Wang: China-EU cooperation needed to safeguard globalisation’s future

Transcript of Pascal Lamy's speech at CCG

Transcript of Pascal Lamy's speech at CCG

Henry Huiyao Wang & Mabel Lu Miao to engage in dialogue with Pascal Lamy on Dec. 13 in Beijing

CCG to co-host two sessions at upcoming Doha Forum, Dec. 11

World Bank sanctions challenge overseas opportunities for Chinese enterprises

Reinventing education in the 21st century: lessons from academic entrepreneurs

Coping with the inevitable trend of digital trade: security, innovation, and regulatory sandbox

CCG speaks to OECD, CDU/CSU meeting in German Bundestag

Part II: International Norms and Global Engagement Platforms

Part I: International Norms and Global Engagement Platforms

CCG speaks at Paris Peace Forum

Ten Recommendations on China's Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific strategies

Part II: Reframing US-China Bipolar Dynamics by Pluralizing into China-West Relations

Part I of "Reframing US-China Bipolar Dynamics by Pluralizing into China-West Relations"

Part II of Global Order at A Crossroads: Transcripts on Collective, Cooperative, and Constructive Global Governance

Part I of Global Order at A Crossroads: Transcript for CCG's global think tank forum

Opinion: From wars to global warming, the world is crying out for collective action

[Open for Registration] The New Global Universities: Reinventing Education in the 21st Century

Part Three of EU & China Think Tank Exchanges on Oct. 24, Beijing

Transcript Part Two of "EU-China Relations: Review and Outlook": Questions and Comments

Transcript Part One: Top China, EU experts on "EU-China Relations: Review and Outlook" in Beijing

James Laurenceson on Australia-China relations

CCG Conferences Report

Twice-a-decade Central Financial Work Conference readout and notes

EU Ambassador to China, former Chinese Ambassador to EU debate bilateral ties

Joseph Nye says China, U.S. need to "power with" rather than "power over" other countries

October 23-24: World think tankers gather in Beijing

Climate change perspectives from the U.S., the EU, China, and the UAE ahead of COP28

Intervention by four European ambassadors at CCG's China and Globalization Forum

China-EU relations in face-to-face discourse: concerns and hopes amid growing uncertainties

Navigating digital age: the imperative of intellectual output for China's think tanks

Book Launch: "China Through European Eyes: 800 Years of Cultural and Intellectual Encounter" by Prof. Kerry Brown

U.S. influence and Chinese model: how think tankers in China envision their future

Pre-register for the 8th China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum

Chinese think tanks aspire to thrive with independence and internationalization

Wu Hongbo addresses human rights, Ukraine, trade, etc. for European ambassadors

New Book Release by CCG: Strategies for Chinese Enterprises Going Global

Innovation in China: Odyssey in a digitalized age

CCG co-hosts seminar with United Nations in China: China's sustainable development

China's climate envoy proposed to travel to U.S.

[UPDATED] Pre-register for the 9th China and Globalization Forum: An Exclusive Opportunity Awaits

Pre-register for the 9th China and Globalization Forum: An Exclusive Opportunity Awaits

Australian, British, and Japanese speeches at recent CCG event

A G3 mechanism for dialogue & cooperation China, U.S. & EU: Henry Huiyao Wang at Bled Strategic Forum

China must dispel "services are virtual while manufacturing is real" misconception, ex-Vice Commerce Minister says

Wei Jianguo: independence is the future of Chinese think tanks

Henry Huiyao Wang in dialogue with William C. Kirby at Harvard

Registration closing soon for CCG's China Inbound-Outbound Forum

China–Africa Cooperation: Context, Evolution and Future Direction

Prospects for China–Africa Cooperation

Henry Huiyao Wang: How China can step up to its responsibilities in a rising Global South

2023 Global Young Leaders Dialogue concludes on hopeful note

Invitation to 8th China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum 2023

CCG's China Inbound-Outbound Forum is open for registration

Recent CCG visits in the U.S.

Recent visits to CCG

Recent CCG visits in Europe

Upcoming: GYLD 2023 Annual Forum in Beijing on Aug 12

A deep dive into China-India relations & India's growth prospects with Mike Liu, Vice President & Senior Fellow of CCG

Q&A with Kishore Mahbubani on The Asian 21st Century at CCG

Kishore Mahbubani's speech on The Asian 21st Century at CCG

U.S. Scholars Visit CCG

Kishore Mahbubani to Speak at CCG on "The Asian 21st Century"

CCG organized roundtable in Dalian's 24th China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit

Peter O'Neill, ex-Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, speaks at CCG

The Asian 21st Century, CCG book by Kishore Mahbubani, downloaded over 3 mln times

Nordic Ambassadors' presentations on the Nordic Model & Common Prosperity at CCG

How digital tech changes life experience in China

Peter O’Neill, ex-PM of Papua New Guinea, to speak at CCG

New Zealand: A Trade-Led Economic Recovery

Rocky US-China relationship could benefit from couples therapy strategies

CCG hosts ambassador roundtable on common prosperity and the Nordic Model

CCG Hosts 2023 Chengdu Global Youth Talent Conference

China’s mediation role and economic diplomacy: Fostering peace and progress in the Middle East

A New Economic Globalization to ­Reshape the World Order

China does NOT challenge U.S. as the boss & still hopeful for improving U.S. ties, says fmr vice trade minister

As US-China rivalry heats up, soft power competition need not be a zero-sum game

Joseph Nye‘s speech & conversation at book release

Upcoming: Livestreaming Joseph Nye‘s new Book Release

Restart Congressional visits to Chinese mainland to revive dialogue, Henry Huiyao Wang writes

Josep Borrell's scheduled speech at CCG on China and EU-China relations

Founder and Director General of the Paris Peace Forum speaks at CCG

Stephen Orlins of NCUSCR visits CCG

Beijing's Global Initiative on Data Security excludes obtaining foreign data

Challenges and Solutions in Japan–China Economic Relations in the Post-COVID Era

Brazilian Agriculture Minister leads delegation to CCG

Facts about CCG

President of the US-China Business Council visits CCG

Henry Huiyao Wang on the "Two Sessions"

Gender equality in Technology and Innovation: CCG marks International Women's Day with symposium

Henry Huiyao Wang on how China can multilateralise the Belt and Road Initiative

Op-Ed: As Ukraine war drags on, why not give China’s peace plan a chance?

Book Excerpt: Peter Nolan on Trends in the Global ICT Industry

Op-Ed: Democracy-autocracy divide will not serve global – or even Western – interests

MSC2023: CCG hosts side event on US-China climate cooperation

Upcoming: CCG side event in Munich Security Conference 2023 on China-U.S. Climate Cooperation

Excerpt: Jeffrey Lehman writes about transnational universities in China

Transcript: Wang Huiyao in Dialogue with Susan Thornton & Douglas Paal

Watch: Wang Huiyao in dialogue with Susan Thornton and Douglas Paal

CCG mourns the passing of Yun-han Chu

Transcript: Brazilian ambassador to China Marcos Galvão in dialogue with Wang Huiyao

Excerpt: ex-vice foreign minister He Yafei writes about China in a post-pandemic era

CCG's outlook for 2023

Op-Ed: China-Philippines cooperation puts relations with Asean on a friendly footing in 2023

Upcoming: CCG to host World Bank's analysis of global economic prospects in the post-pandemic era

Transcript of Wang Huiyao's dialogue with Ray Dalio

Op-Ed: Five reasons China’s reopening is good news for the global economy

Wang Huiyao to be in dialogue with Ray Dalio